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Mom, mom, look what I got?


This brown thing.

Yes, it’s a freckle.

I love it!! I wish my whole neck was covered in them. Can you imagine, wouldn’t that be so pretty?

I am not sure Kate appreciates her perfect skin. I think she sees that Reilly is starting to get little freckles all over his nose and cheeks as well as the random four he has always had and she wants some of her own. One day she’ll realize how perfect her skin was… and is today.

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I think I’m getting age spots, or new freckles, or something. I have this one on my neck that Kate happened to notice the other day as she was rubbing my cheek and neck trying to get my attention. I felt her go over it a couple times with her tiny soft little hands, the spot is slightly raised. I then felt her investigating with her eyes as to what she was feeling with her hands. After a few seconds she says:

“I like your tit.”

Ummmm, what?

“I like your tit.”

Oh, what’s a tit?

“That thing on your neck. It’s a tit, I like it.”

How did you learn that was called a tit?

“I just know it is.”

Oh, okay, well I don’t think most people would use that word, they might call it a freckle.

“No…. it’s a tit….. really.”

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