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July 4th - Lake Winnipesaukee

July 4th with the Chrusciel's

We had a great weekend up in Meredith watching the fireworks. It was strange to be without Shad since he was in CA turning over the house but we had fun with Kate and her family. Mike and I staked out a tarp on a piece of lawn about six hours before the fireworks were to start – we figured why not? The worst that can happen is someone moves it or steals it. But… they didn’t. We sat all together at the waters edge and had a great time.

REWIND 7 HOURS: We went to Church with Kate, Mike and family. We, unfortunately don’t go as often as we should and it was clear through the kids display of behavior. When the Priest was blessing the gifts the altargirl rang a bell, Shea, at the top of her lungs said “WHAT was that noise?”, I whispered “it’s bells” she whispered back “ohhhh, bells”. If you are familiar with the Catholic service you know that the bells were to be rung again approximately three minutes later. And, right on schedule, the bells sounded again, Shea shouted out “Mom, those are bells.” I was thrilled the whole congregation was aware that there was a two year old on the “stage right” side of the Church AND that it was clear that she did not attend Church often. Nice. Or… not so nice.

I wasn’t going to mention that I squeezed Shea’s hand because she was trying to walk down the aisle and she let out a shrieking “OWWWW, MOM!”.

Mom -2    Shea +4

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The effects of a magic wand

The effects of a magic wand

One of my all-time favorite things to watch. Before kids I would go out of my way to see them. I saw some of the best firework shows when I lived in California. I was at Candlestick Park one year when they shut off all the lights after the Giants game and had the most awesome fireworks show set to music. I was down on the Embarcadero in San Francisco to bring in the millennium on New Year’s Eve and caught some amazing shows around the Bay Area. I think my passion for fireworks started at a young age – every year we would meet at our camp with our cousins, go out in the boat and watch them fall over the lake. One of the local girls summer camps, Camp Huckins was responsible for putting on the fireworks. Being out in a boat watching fireworks is amazing. The sound vibrates off the water and the light reflects, it’s wonderful.


This year was the first year in about five years that someone hasn’t really been afraid. Shea was so tired she just snuggled and looked up. Reilly and Kate thought it was cool. Reilly sat and assessed all the people around him, how they were lighting them, where the boats were on the water (we were on the shore) and what happened to the firework as it fell to the water. It was one of those days where it rained all day but literally the clouds passed by and exposed a nearly full moon and the fireworks began. Kate looked over at me in the middle of the fireworks and said “I know how the fireworks happen…” I said “how?”, her reply was:

God is up there with a magic wand and he picks the colors and waves the wand and out come these beautiful fireworks.

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