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Mother of the Year Again

My Peeps

This weekend is always fun for me. I love seeing how the kids can (or can not) hold out on sharing their Mother’s Day school projects. I received the Spanish class gifts (coloring and cards) on Thursday because they had Spanish class. Shad works really hard with them to try and keep it all a secret until Sunday, but they often just bust at the seams.
What do I want for Mother’s Day? Well, I think it’s pretty simple BUT it doesn’t always work out. I either want breakfast in bed (can be toast and a scrambled egg) and/or a shower that is peaceful. That means no knocking on the door and walking in 35 times in 4 minutes, no asking questions, just me and the hot water for as long as I want (or they can stand). I think as they get older, it’s getting easier for them to let me be but it’s also not feeling as special because they don’t really care. I, like most other Mom’s, want to be wanted. So, the fact that they want me less makes this less enjoyable – and actually a bit sad.
Good thing I have Shea, she just can’t go without talking and will settle for any audience, I should be able to count on that for a few more years. I hope.

Anyway, the kids were on their best behavior today and they tried soooo hard to make the day fun, even though Mother’s Day is a day away. We drew on the driveway with sidewalk chalk and played four square. It was pretty cool…. I’m a lucky one.

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I have decided that I am no longer going to feel badly about “Mommy-brain” as ignorant non-Mom’s like to call it. Nobody, young or old, likes to be accused of forgetting things. I, especially, loathe the accusation. I know when I have to “look at my notebook” or ask for a reminder and it drives me crazy. I have come to the conclusion that there is an over-abundance of information pushing going on and if you even absorb a small percentage of it, your brain has got to pick and choose the important pieces.

I manage the schedule of three kids with multiple activities and a commute to school. For work I obviously manage a meeting calendar but I also manage the multiple projects going on and I am a consumer of multiple newsfeeds every day to try to pick off some interesting topics in the world of networking. Additionally, I coach and I volunteer on a board and I try to have a schedule for me. I’m sure I’m forgetting something but this “booked from dawn to dusk” multi-tasking, multiple-medium delivery, way of life that feels necessary is the reason why people forget. I am going to stop feeling so bad about it. I think memory has up’d the ante for what it needs to do. I think there are so many things that we have to remember that we barely care about and the important things like someone’s name and what homework needs to be done are the last things on our mind. Yet, in some ways, they are the important things.

I’m glad that the carousel I have chosen for life allows me a few misses. There is so much going on, the snowday is welcome here – although I have to work the kids will do some jobs and have some fun playing outside. It’s not snowman snow but it’s worthy of some sledding.


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One of the best things I ever did was asked my friend Greg who is an amazing photographer to shoot Shea’s graduation. It was a day I wanted to just sit, take it all in, and enjoy. Since my passion is documenting our lives I knew there was something to be missed if I didn’t immerse myself in this 90 minute celebration. What we were going to celebrate in 90 minutes was more than Shea’s graduation to me. It marked 8 years of private care for the kids from what has become an extension of our family. They have cared so much about our kids over the years from broken legs and going to pre-k with a walker to hanging out with Reilly for an extra couple hours as we made our way back into town from the birthing center at Southern with Kate in some freak April snowstorm to four years of Shea and Mrs Erb who endured a constant show and tell. On top of that I created the school web site and tried to extend my tech marketing background on this little school and I was allowed the creative license of my photography. It was a great almost-decade for my whole family. And although I thought it would be sad to hear the goodbye song that night for the third and final time, the reminder that they are “just kids” by a few of those graduating that night kept the whole thing grounded for me. Seeing all my photography on the fence to my baby waving hi and proudly wearing her hand-painted graduation cap made it as special – for both of us, maybe even all of us, as I could ever ask for. Congratulations Shea-Shea you were awesome!

Thank you Greg, I owe you one!

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20140112-151720.jpg This is why I claimed my Mother of the Year … Again on the very first day of 2014. We ran the Temple Peanut Butter Chip Chase 5k which has become a tradition for our family. Shea still has a spot in the jogger with Shad, Kate would walk/run with me and Reilly is good on his own or with his friends. Kate and I went and about 1/2 way in she started to complain of the cold. For the last 1/2 my job was to motivate her to finish. Walk… Run… Whatever but I’m feeling bad because she’s so cold but no matter what we have 1.5 miles to go.

We finish after a few tears but a lot more determination. Her cheeks are red, real red and oddly very warm to the touch. We ask a doctor friend to take a peek… Frostbite. Nice.

And you wonder why I’m mother of the year. And to add to her frostbite, the polar vortex and my successive self appointed title I took her skiing with tow face masks/neck-ups.

Hoping for cell re growth.

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Betsy Hansen

Coolest Uncle JM

Studying to be an actor in Manhattan – that’s pretty cool.
The kids love having Uncle JM on the east coast and have grown quite close to him. He is awesome with all three and a cool dude to hang around. He’s Kate’s Godfather and she loves that. He’s a good man… that Uncle John Michael. Yes, he is.

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Betsy Hansen


I have really noticed how much the kids faces grow as they grow. The changes are so subtle day to day but are so prominent when you look at their teeth. All three kiddos got teeth late – it was great for the airlines since they have bicoastal grandparents we flew a lot. It was much easier to pull off under two when they only had four teeth at a year. 🙂 Course that wouldn’t work today, but it did then! As I have watched Kate growing – the teeth are what make her growth the most obvious to me. They now look like tiny little chicklets on her ever-growing gums. The spaces are becoming further and further apart as the new teeth work their way down. It’s been a waiting game to see when she would lose her fourth tooth, afterall, she is eight. 🙂

Kate came in my room first thing in the morning – she was excited about the upcoming weekend. (Birthday Party and First Communion) As I looked at her I had to smile because her top front tooth wanted to come out so badly it was practically sideways. It was hanging on by who knows what. We chatted for a minute about the upcoming day and then I said “I can NOT believe that little tooth is still hanging on.” She smiled, and I looked at what I knew was nearing the end of her little girl smile and she said “yup.”

Ten minutes later she came up stairs with a bloody towel and a very proud smile. She had pulled her tooth and was giggling telling me it hurt and felt weird. It brought back those feelings of running your teeth through that gaping hole, the smooth gum and the ridges of the big tooth on it’s way in.


Mother of the Year

My New Smile!

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Sunday Ski Gang

We had a blast skiing every Sunday with the Collins’ and how perfect is it that everyone had a partner to pal around with!

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