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Betsy Hansen

Happy 9th Birthday Kate

It feels like I have taken a sabbatical when it comes to my MOTY blog. Please note, I did not say my MOTY moments because I certainly have plenty of those! I find life a little crazy if you subscribe, as we fully have, to the world of activities for the young child. I was always of the mentality that I should “sign them up for everything and eventually they would figure out what they like”. Well, perhaps there is some truth to that but I’m not sure we won’t drive ourselves crazy trying to figure it out along the way. Between commuting to a new school and trying to really embed the kids in that program this year AND keep some continuity with friends in our town as well as adding the normal sports programs we have been doing for years with them, I’m thinking we are a bit overextended. Sadly, I know it’s not just us, it’s every subscriber to this lifestyle. I know something has got to give, but they seem to like everything. Life should be slower. It should be kickball games and throwing rocks and baseballs with neighbor kids. BUT, no one is ever home (including us). I’m thankful for the next door neighbor Aidan that randomly comes down to play with the kids. Every child should have a next door neighbor. I often think my oversubscription has eliminated feeling a passion for anything because there is too much. It’s like diluting the activity world for children. If it’s not a team in our house, it’s violin lessons, dance, drama, gymnastics, Di, LegoLeague, etc etc and for the kids if it’s not one of those things it’s a text to a friend to join a world in Clash of the Clan or Minecraft. It’s overwhelming and I know that I made it this way.

In some ways I can’t complain because they seem happy, they say their happy, the are doing well in school and they have friends. Their rooms are always messy, the house looks like a bomb went off in it, clothes aren’t clean, BUT they are fed and they are tired, but they are smiling. At what point do we cut the cord, I’m not sure. I think it’s a limited time we get to expose our kids to the opportunities that life has to offer. It’s what, about 12 years? Then poof, they are out trying to make it on their own whether it’s college or a job or something else, it’s NOT a long time.

I adore my kids, I like to spend time with them. I get bummed when it’s so rushed all the time and a lecture that we’re late running from one thing to another. They are not complaining but we’ve done this since day one, they probably don’t realize there is something different. Originally, it was our busy schedules and they were carried along in a bucket seat or a backpack or something. Our activities have transitioned to theirs and their friends. Shad still trains for the his races, including an Ironman, but aside from late night soccer and an occasional hockey tourney or a workout with friends, I feel like I have let it all go. I spend more time coaching, working and organizing.  I have become a proficient driver and apps like Cozi have done their best to take my input and keep me organized.

So, the whole point of this late night post is that I have let my blog go and I’m bummed about that. Things happen regularly in my house that I want to document for the kids to remember and have in the palm of their hands one day for recollection and hopefully laughter. But, honestly, these days when things happen I try my darndest to remember them, but they are usually gone when I have moved onto the next thing which is often just minutes if not seconds after the fact.

I’m going to try to be better. The kids are at such an awesome age. They still like Shad and me, and we adore them. They are so different and so alike and great little byproducts of us which we take great pride in. We continue to hope they pick up on the good stuff about us along the way – and a few not so good things to keep life interesting.

The photo is from Kate’s 9th birthday earlier this month — it is so simple, yet to me, it captures so much.

With that, I must go to bed.

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Betsy Hansen


I have really noticed how much the kids faces grow as they grow. The changes are so subtle day to day but are so prominent when you look at their teeth. All three kiddos got teeth late – it was great for the airlines since they have bicoastal grandparents we flew a lot. It was much easier to pull off under two when they only had four teeth at a year. 🙂 Course that wouldn’t work today, but it did then! As I have watched Kate growing – the teeth are what make her growth the most obvious to me. They now look like tiny little chicklets on her ever-growing gums. The spaces are becoming further and further apart as the new teeth work their way down. It’s been a waiting game to see when she would lose her fourth tooth, afterall, she is eight. 🙂

Kate came in my room first thing in the morning – she was excited about the upcoming weekend. (Birthday Party and First Communion) As I looked at her I had to smile because her top front tooth wanted to come out so badly it was practically sideways. It was hanging on by who knows what. We chatted for a minute about the upcoming day and then I said “I can NOT believe that little tooth is still hanging on.” She smiled, and I looked at what I knew was nearing the end of her little girl smile and she said “yup.”

Ten minutes later she came up stairs with a bloody towel and a very proud smile. She had pulled her tooth and was giggling telling me it hurt and felt weird. It brought back those feelings of running your teeth through that gaping hole, the smooth gum and the ridges of the big tooth on it’s way in.


Mother of the Year

My New Smile!

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So Kate said something funny last night when we were out to dinner. I, for the life of me, can not remember what she said. Shad and I tried to remember, we couldn’t. Tonight at the dinner table I said to Kate, “Do you remember what you did yesterday that Daddy and I thought was so funny?” Kate thought for a minute and said:

Was it when I fell out of the van into the snowbank at the bus stop? You thought that was funny.

Ummm… no, it wasn’t that.

Was it when I tried to jump off the barstool and landed on my face? You thought that was funny.

Ummmm… no, it was something you said at dinner.

I don’t remember then. What is it, what did I say?

I don’t know… that is why I was checking with you.

IF any of you are wondering why I AM Mother of the Year, you shouldn’t be wondering anymore.

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Reilly asked me “Have you ever been to the Principal’s office?”

“Yes, when I was young once, have you?”

“Yah, I have.”

Gasping and freaking out on the inside I decide to start inquiring. What I found out was:

  • Reilly went to the principal’s office for tugging another little boys arm.
  • He went with another boy “DeShan” or something like that.
  • DeShan goes often for talking fresh and sticking his middle finger up to God.
  • … that was enough for me to share… if you know me you know how I feel about this….

Okay, that was so much more than I wanted to know. I can not believe the school does not call you when your first grader is sent to the principal’s office because “he doesn’t think it’s a big deal”. Call me crazy but I WANT TO KNOW THESE things. Reilly isn’t always going to tell me. I know he felt badly about it or he would never have brought it up. I know he was trying to figure out how to fix what had happened. AND, I know that was one of the first lessons about the “Reilly” brand. How the people you hang out with often reflect who you are. So, in principle, I called the principal and wrote the teacher a letter insisting that I know about things like this moving forward.

Reilly is such a good kid. I believe all kids can make a bad choice and they need to figure it out, that’s how they learn. BUT, as a parent I want the knowledge to continue the learning when they get home. I want the opportunity to talk about it, if the teacher/principal/school staff don’t call, how can I?

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I actually deserve a trophy or something, perhaps a medal, for my MOTY moment today! Today was my second day in my new career as a “stay at home Mom” even though I still have a salary from Sun. I have been successful at getting all three kids to the bus stop at 7:40am even today in the pouring rain. We all walked down with our umbrellas. You would think that would be the area that I could claim a MOTY award for, right? NOPE… it’s the pick-up at 3:27pm that I have been less than stellar at these past couple of days. Yesterday, I was driving back from a lunch date and pushed it to the limit. I arrived just as the bus was shutting it’s door. Thankfully the doors opened and Reilly stepped out. I should let you know, as a first grader the bus driver does not let a student out unless someone authorized is there to pick them up. The past few months I have gotten two phone calls from the bus company that let us know the bus was waiting for us. Nicole sprinted down. Okay, so today, different story…. I was sitting at the table helping my Mom with a business thing and we discussed getting Reilly at the bus stop. We went back and forth on who was going to get him. Was I going to stay and keep working on her stuff OR was I going to run down and she was going to watch Shea. Well, three minutes before the bus was to arrive, my Mom decided to walk down with Shea. Apparently they were not quick enough because the bus drove away before they got there. I had to jump in the car and try to track them down. I called the bus company and tried to find the bus – speeding the whole time. Thankfully at the end of town there was another stop and I was able to get him there. I apologized profusely to the bus driver and got Reilly off the bus. Wow… I suck at this. Thankfully Reilly thought it was cool to be on the bus for the next several stops. I was no further down in his book.

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Shea and Tink - Headed to the bus stop.

Actually we liked the umbrellas. It made the 7:40am walk more fun.

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How do birds get dead?

Well, they could die in a number of ways. Why?

I saw a blue jay in the wood chips that was dead and I think the ants killed it. They were all over it. 


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