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Read Across America

It’s Read Across America week at the kids school this week. Kate’s class was looking for volunteer readers and I volunteered to read to her class. It took Kate several days to select the book she wanted me to read. She settled on her Sesame Street Book featuring none other than herself. I selected one of my favorite books “Ish” by Peter Reynolds. As I drove to her class to read I was thinking about the kids in the class and all that I have heard of them throughout the last several months. I was anxious to put some names with faces as I only really know about 1/3 of the kids, if that.

I sat down to read to the kids and then shared that I was going to read one of Kate’ s most favorite books that she was so excited for me to share with her class. After that intro I proceeded to pull out a stained, aged book and said “I am going to read the Honda Odyssey Owner’s Manaual”. Kate, along with several others in the class looked at me, totally perplexed, a few others – blank stares, and the last few – giggles. I took note of the last few. I then followed up with, “I really thought that if my car breaks down one day I’ll have more than 20 new friends to call to help fix it.” It was then that I actually gained a few more laughs from the kids and Kate smiled and said “NOOOOOOOO, that’s not the book.” I agreed, pulled out “Ish” and began to read.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw her teacher look at me, unsure, but laughing. She probably thinks I am a nut but understands Kate a bit better.

I, well, I think I’m hilarious. I think making kids laugh is one of the most fun things ever. Reading to them… well, they have REALLY short attention spans, so thankfully the books weren’t too long.

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This week New Hampshire celebrates Reading with the Read Across America NEA project. Reilly asked me to read in his classroom which I did today. I needed to bring Shea since she and I pal around. Reilly and his teacher had two little chairs set up and one big chair. He introduced us to his classmates. I was Mrs Hansen and Shea was his buddy sister.

Since he seemed to be hearing a lot of Dr Suess books this week, he and I picked out our favorite books from our shelves to read to his classmates. I picked ish and he picked Frog and Toad. They are both fun books. The kids seemed to really like the ish book and it’s one of my favorites – that made it fun. 

After I finished reading and the class was transitioning back to their desks a little girl came up to me and said

Hi Mrs Hansen, can I tell you a secret? 


(girl comes up close and whispers to me with her lips touching my ear) I am in love with Reilly so much.

Ohhhhhhhh, that’s nice. What’s your name? (giggling on the inside)

Okay, keep that a secret okay?

On the way out the teacher and I discussed the conversation and she let me know that many of the girls in the class feel that way. She then asked Reilly which girl was he holding hands with recently in class. (she had to separate the two of them) He just shrugged it off and said a bothered “I don’t know.”

It was a totally cute moment to me and it made me appreciate going into his classroom and engaging with his classmates.

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