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Letters Make Stories

I have loved watching Reilly learn how to write, spell, sound out words, read and more. I didn’t, however, think about how reading changes your life. He clearly sees the world in a different way now. He can navigate in a new way. We were headed to the Apple store at the Pheasant Lane Mall the other day. As we walked in Reilly noticed a sign on an outside door and said “Macy’s has relocated to the other side of the mall”. It was so cute, he was able to see things in a new way and I never really considered how a child looks at all this jargon all over the place but it is meaningless to them. It doesn’t give direction, at one stage it’s a color, at another it’s letters, then it’s a word, then it’s information that helps you make a decision. It’s funny… it’s enlightening, it’s innocent. I appreciate that I have the opportunity to look through a child’s eyes at the world that I see in a tainted way, specifically our child.

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Reilly is fascinated by books that have chapters. He refers to them as “chapter books” regardless of the titles. Tonight we finished “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” he loved it. I think he’s sad it’s over. Kate… well, it was likely too much for her – although Reilly’s interest is what often peaks her curiosity. She hears a key phrase or word and attaches to that as though it’s the topic of the book. For example “she had a long white robe on?” “Is she a princess, she sounds like a princess, what did her hair look like? Did she wear a crown?” It’s a very cute and funny way to get incredibly off track.

Prior to this book we had read one of my Mom’s books which was passed to me, the Bobbsey Twins. I have to admit, although I think things are a sign of the times and represent their era, it was too much for her, if not both of them to grasp. I censored much of the book as I read through it. It didn’t seem to impact their enthusiasm about the kids and their adventures, so, no harm done there.

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