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Mother of the Year Again

My Peeps

This weekend is always fun for me. I love seeing how the kids can (or can not) hold out on sharing their Mother’s Day school projects. I received the Spanish class gifts (coloring and cards) on Thursday because they had Spanish class. Shad works really hard with them to try and keep it all a secret until Sunday, but they often just bust at the seams.
What do I want for Mother’s Day? Well, I think it’s pretty simple BUT it doesn’t always work out. I either want breakfast in bed (can be toast and a scrambled egg) and/or a shower that is peaceful. That means no knocking on the door and walking in 35 times in 4 minutes, no asking questions, just me and the hot water for as long as I want (or they can stand). I think as they get older, it’s getting easier for them to let me be but it’s also not feeling as special because they don’t really care. I, like most other Mom’s, want to be wanted. So, the fact that they want me less makes this less enjoyable – and actually a bit sad.
Good thing I have Shea, she just can’t go without talking and will settle for any audience, I should be able to count on that for a few more years. I hope.

Anyway, the kids were on their best behavior today and they tried soooo hard to make the day fun, even though Mother’s Day is a day away. We drew on the driveway with sidewalk chalk and played four square. It was pretty cool…. I’m a lucky one.

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B Hansen Photography - Betsy Hansen

Happy Reilly

I love Reilly. I love his sense of humor. I love that he gets my sense of humor. AND… I love that he told Shad the other night – (after Shea told Shad she liked Mom better than him…)

Dad, I like both you and Mom the same.


I have to say, Mom is funnier than you are.

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85mm Rocks

Betsy Hansen - NH

I've got records on my hands and a Platypus controlling me

I just bought a new lens, it’s an 85mm 1.4 and I’m happy that I still have willing subjects to practice shooting. This was one of my favorites because it reminds me of the Matrix or something. Look at Kate in the background, she looks as though she is “throwing” Reilly forward.

Not only do I love this photograph because of the kiddos. I love it for how crisp it is and the bokeh and that it’s out of the camera this good!


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Crotched Mountain Cardboard Sled Race

Boaters on the snow!

We attended our 2nd annual Spring Carnival at Crotched Mountain today. It was so beautiful outside; almost 70 degrees. We entered Reilly and his friend Owen into the cardboard sled competition. Last year we sent them down in an undecorated bike box that was awaiting it’s trip to the dump. This year, Monica took the project into her own hands. Shad and I got the boxes from EMS, one that we were certain was from @JenSchultis‘s new fancy schmancy mountain bike. Shawn and Monica rallied with the duct tape and the paint. Those items are pretty much what constitute the rules: cardboard, duct tape, paint. That’s it.

When we arrived at Crotched we had to rush to get Reilly up in line for his sled run. I was half carrying Shea in the slush and thankfully Kate was one step ahead of me and wore her rain boots. She was able to slosh around happily in the ankle deep puddles. As Shea’s weight got the best of me, since my camera feels like it weighs as much as she does, I chose to put her down (instead of the camera). She walked next to me with her hand in my hand as I looked up to see if Reilly was in the starting gate. Shea started to complain saying “wet wet”, “Mommy, wet…. wet…” I looked down and said “yes, I am wet too.” It was then that I noticed she was missing a shoe. As I looked back there it was floating in the puddle. It must have come off when she was shin deep in the ice cold water. WHOOPS! Nice job Mom! Someone passing through the puddle tossed it the 25 feet to me and we stuck it on her wet foot. God love her personality because she was fun with the sopping sock and shoe. Ahhhh… yah, another reason I am Mother of the Year.

The boys rode in style in their Old Town boat which was originally conceptualized as a canoe but given the rigid cardboard (again b/c Jen got an awesome bike there was more to protect) Monica opted for a boat. She painted it red and scripted “Old Town” on the side. The boys, equipped with cardboard paddles, pfd’s and helmets took her down the course. They were pretty impressed with their rig until they saw the “big kids” sled also pictured here:

Big Hans, Darth and Gang Sledding

Big Hans, Darth and Gang Sledding

We stayed for the pond skimming competition too. I’ll post a shot or two of that later. There was some GOOD STUFF at that. Crotched did a rockin job with their pond for the skimming. I saw Pat’s Peak’s on the news today and it looked to be about the size of my hallway. (note for those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s pretty small.)

I should make note that on the way to Crotched I got stopped by what my Mom would coin as “a nice face”. It’s her way of saying she had a run in with the law but didn’t get a ticket. Reilly and I got a little nervous when I got pulled over going 41mph in a 30. But hey, the nice face just yelled at me, didn’t write anything down and we got to keep going. Phew.

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Big Brother

Chilin with my Big Brother

Reilly is a great big brother. Over the last several weeks I have watched him transition from a boss to a friend with Kate. The two of them are not at each others throats all the time, they actually play together. They make up games and use their imaginations and chase each other around the house. It’s so nice to see them interacting in this way. Kate WANTS someone to play with so she has adjusted from her dolls and kitchen and can be found driving a LEGO truck around the house and crashing it into a wall. She listens to Reilly and I can see that she looks up to him. It’s so cool.

This little light of mine

This little light of mine

Shea, you can see him melt around her. His tone of voice is tender and sensitive with her no matter what she is doing. (okay, the occasional Shea-zilla move gets her screamed at but generally speaking) She is constantly asking him to do things for her and he drops everything and does it. He often picks her up out of her crib and sends her downstairs to us. He likes being the little man in the house. I love the way he looks after the two of them and I’m so happy they have a big brother like Reilly. He is a sweetheart and full of love.

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This week New Hampshire celebrates Reading with the Read Across America NEA project. Reilly asked me to read in his classroom which I did today. I needed to bring Shea since she and I pal around. Reilly and his teacher had two little chairs set up and one big chair. He introduced us to his classmates. I was Mrs Hansen and Shea was his buddy sister.

Since he seemed to be hearing a lot of Dr Suess books this week, he and I picked out our favorite books from our shelves to read to his classmates. I picked ish and he picked Frog and Toad. They are both fun books. The kids seemed to really like the ish book and it’s one of my favorites – that made it fun. 

After I finished reading and the class was transitioning back to their desks a little girl came up to me and said

Hi Mrs Hansen, can I tell you a secret? 


(girl comes up close and whispers to me with her lips touching my ear) I am in love with Reilly so much.

Ohhhhhhhh, that’s nice. What’s your name? (giggling on the inside)

Okay, keep that a secret okay?

On the way out the teacher and I discussed the conversation and she let me know that many of the girls in the class feel that way. She then asked Reilly which girl was he holding hands with recently in class. (she had to separate the two of them) He just shrugged it off and said a bothered “I don’t know.”

It was a totally cute moment to me and it made me appreciate going into his classroom and engaging with his classmates.

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Mom, sometimes you think you are funny, but you are really not very funny.

Are you sure? I’m pretty sure I’m funny all the time.

Nope, you are not.

This was a conversation between Reilly and me while building Legos. I have no idea what Reilly is talking about. I’m hysterical.

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