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Mother of the Year

Writing a professional letter.

No, they don’t mix. Or actually maybe it’s part of the plan. “Take a break and spend time with your kids!” Either way, we vacationed in February so the kids are at home and stuck with me. They have been subjected to lists a page long each day then tv and iPods. I was sick with that crazy stomach bug on Monday which put me more than a day behind at work eliminating my ability to take a day off and play. I feel so bad but thankfully they are done in 5 weeks and we will get out time soon.

Kate and Rye are having trouble not annoying each other which further complicates the day. From burning down her tower in minecraft to not Nerf bullets to soccer they have been in front of each other for a long time. Today, the first nice day is no different- when working down their list (some items were soccer/lacrosse) and playing catch and dribbling a soccer ball they definitely hit a wall and this letter from Kate shows you.

I look at it this way, at least I have taught her well enough that she got her salutations correct AND she was polite.

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Fighting is frequent in the house. Kate and Reilly are always at one other. Shea and Kate are always at one another. It is overwhelming sometimes no matter how much I try to resolve or lately better yet, tune it out. Ugh. I don’t like it. Again I have a much more appreciative feeling for my mother who tolerated my sister and I beating the living daylights out of one another. For the most part we couldn’t be in the same room with out fighting. It’s different now, we totally enjoy each other, but then, not so much.

I am not sure what to do about it… but it does make me want to yell…. louder than they are. And, when I yell I want to yell “STOP YELLING AT EACH OTHER, THERE IS NO NEED TO RAISE YOUR VOICE LIKE THAT.” Then I realize the err in my ways…

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