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Shea and Kate needed to spend some time cleaning their room. Not only are all their American girl dolls and their wardrobes all over the room, every dance recital and Halloween costume from the last decade was strewn about their room.

Shea came outside to tell me how excited she was because of how clean it was. She began begging Shad and I to come see it. She then reported that she was doing it all herself because Kate said she would “give her something really special” if she cleaned for her. She followed-up by saying “I don’t know what it is and neither does she yet but it’s going to be great – I know it!”

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Reilly came home from soccer with a supposed groin pull. I think he is really hurt, but I’m not sure what it is… he’s limping around and whining/crying about it and pretty much knocking his sisters out of his way as he hobbles by them. After a few minutes, Kate said “how did you get your concussion?”

Which of course made me laugh out loud. Reilly, on the other hand said “KATE, it’s not a concussion, if it was my head would hurt not my privates!!!”

As an aside, I hope for Reilly’s sake it’s not a groin pull. He has his big soccer tournament this weekend- actually the club hosts it and there are 274 teams coming into town. I would feel bad for him if he missed it. He played last year but didn’t “get it”, this year, he actually “gets it”. 

We’ll see…

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Kate was against sledding last year, when asked to go, she would always reply “when I’m bigger.” No matter how much we tried to convince her she wouldn’t go, Shad and I were a little bummed. Kate says “when I’m bigger” about so many things, riding a bike, playing soccer, clearing her plate, sledding, etc. It’s her rationale… well, wouldn’t you know we got a few inches of snow and the first thing she asked was if she could go sledding. I couldn’t believe it. Maybe she “just knows” when the time is right. Given Kate’s extremely strong personality, it’s rare I get to really dictate what she is doing. But heck, why am I telling you that, you know from the “fashion” shots throughout the blog. Okay, back to the point of this entry, watch: 

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The Turkey Bowl

Cheering on the sideline at the Turkey Bowl - Thanksgiving Day


I am sitting with Shea and calling my family to share audible groans of what my day was like two years ago today. I was actually in labor at this very minute. Come to think of it, I’m feeling a bit crampy and my boobs hurt! Okay, I’m kidding… a little. 

Shea is coloring in a handmedown coloring book I just gave her. She picks a crayon out of the former cookie dough tub that has about 100 crayons in it. As she pulls each one out she asks “this one?” because she wants my approval before touching it to the paper. She then follows that with a diagonal scribble across the entire page. To her, coloring is done at this point. She turns the page and repeats the process. I totally remember doing that as a kid. I think I was about 5 though, not 2. She has completed the book and wants another.

It’s absolutely amazing to me that she is already 2. Shad and I are so happy we decided to have a third child. Shea really completes our family unit and brings everyone a lot of smiles and laughs. I stand by my theory that the first child is the one that you over analyze, you work too hard to make perfect and in doing so create a “perfect” child – that you constantly correct (still), your second child you spend so much time trying to fix the things you think you could have done better the first time, and the third, well, you sit back and you just enjoy everything that they do. It makes it so easy for all four family members to look at her and just smile. She makes everyone happy. She’s got a great disposition. She LOVES Reilly and wants to play with him and she totally admires Kate and wants to learn from Kate. She is a true product of her environment. She observes Reilly and does what he does and watches Kate and emulates her by her parallel play. It’s funny to watch her pick and choose the things she decides to imitate. So far they seem to be the good things, so that’s good.

Life is good.

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