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Betsy Hansen - NH

Kate's helping with the grocery shopping.

Kate LOVES to write. She loves to draw and she loves to write. She wants to take your dinner order, write your address, make an envelope so she can write you a letter, or just plain make a grocery list. She loves the idea that she is going to have a spelling test this week – although studying for it isn’t nearly as cool as the concept. At a recent book fair at school all Kate really wanted was the diary with a lock. I’m not sure she knows that is a book for personal deep thoughts – she uses it as a book of lists and locks it at night.

I love to see the way she sounds out the words and spells them – check out the latest grocery list.

Another cool thing about her diary is she wants me to read it! Should the future only be so open. Open source that is! Her proudest entry (aside from the grocery list) was a couple pages deeper into the book, it was inspired from her most recent bus ride from school:¬†¬†Kate and Kameron Sitting in a Tree…. oh boy, was I really that young when that began??



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