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We were swimming at the gym the other day, Kate came over and said “I need you to get out of the pool. I have to go the bathroom and I need help pulling my suit back up.”

I met her in the stall, helped her pull her wet bathing suit back over her body and she turned and said “Thanks.” followed by “Do you think Barbie would fit down the toilet?”

A bit perplexed I replied “no, I don’t think she’s flexible enough”, “But, don’t even try, I don’t want to find her stuck int he toilet here or at home.”


Back in the pool she went.


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It’s awesome how you can use your children to hide things you don’t like. Okay well, not all things but… look behind us. That background impacted the deliberate single gender of the photo….

Just the Girls! Ahhh.... not!

Just the Girls! Ahhh.... not!

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