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The Turkey Bowl

22.... 41.... 63.... 12.... huuuuuutttt.... huuuuutttttttt..... HIKE

The game is taken seriously. Reilly found his way to be able to touch the ball a LOT. When you’re the smallest person on the field you need to make your own difference. He did.

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We got to my parents for Thanksgiving, they live about twenty minutes away. Everyone heads to their house with the kids. About four years ago we began playing a football game amongst the families. It’s a tradition that has really caught on and as the kids get older, they become more and more competitive, and the adults become less and less competitive – it’s pretty fun. My Mom has gotten smart enough over the years and has stopped asking me to bring food of any kind and has tasked me with organizing the game. Here is what I did for this years “promo” spot:

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