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Betsy Hansen

Way of the Peaceful Warrior?

Not to compare dogs with humans but… it seems I should in this case, if even just to satisfy my need to put it out there.

Adopting this dog is a little bit like having a second child. When Kate came into the house I overcompensated to tell Reilly he was still great and it was still okay; I still loved him. Then for Kate, aside from feedings I think I made sure that Reilly was happy first. (I’m probably telling myself this now, the truth is probably that I came down on Reilly if he made choices I didn’t like. But again, this analogy was to humor ME so if what is unfolding here is other than the truth, think of it as prose. <grin/>) So anyway, now that Menlo is part of our home I find myself doting on Nandi and making sure she is comfortable and happy first. I think she’s pissed. She looks at me like “seriously??? please tell me this was a bad dream. I have spent the last decade sharing my love with you and now you are going to share your love with that little thing? That same little thing that wants to share my water bowl, my food and now (as you can see) MY BED? And, I thought you loved me.”  So I naturally respond with one of those tones that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and words like “Oh, Nandi, you such a good dog. Yes, you are. Such a good dog. A doobie doobie doobie dooo….” Well, you know what I mean especially if you have children and have been in the store when the grandparent feels the need to touch your child and talk as though you child understands. ANYWAYS, I digress. Nandi and Menlo had a go around tonight. Nandi just kept putting her paw on top of Menlo. Menlo, trying to find her place kept trying to hump poor Nandi. Nandi finally got up and followed her around like they were in a boxing ring. It was a conversation. And, probably a bit more of ultimate fighting than a boxing match. A little growling. A little teeth exposure and some barking. I think they made progress because Menlo thought it would be good to clean Nandi’s ears. (which I must note was followed by a mounting of Nandi’s face) The night did end with the image above.

NOTE: Nandi went to the groomers today. I am wondering if she wishes I left her this time….. 😦 It makes me feel bad for wrecking her world just as I felt bad for wrecking Reilly’s. Although he likely wouldn’t have it any other way so it’s all good … for now.

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Ugh. So… Ugh… we are doing two things that I said I would never do. Adopting a puppy. Adopting a puppy with an older dog. I was always of the mentality that everyone rescues puppies, why not get an older dog that may have a little training. AND, if you get a puppy when your dog is aging, it will push her to the grave that much faster. Nandi was six months when we adopted her and she was and still is pretty much the perfect dog. She is 11 now. After the past eight years of our family; being moved across the country, thrown up on by infants, trucks and toys wound up in her fur, tripped over and fallen upon, dinners dropped on, yelled at by toddlers, and dressed up by little girls, she just chills out and watches. She has figured out where to hide when she needs her own space and she has learned how to manipulate the kids to her advantage. For example, she stands at the pantry door until Shea gets her a bone, she also just walks right into Shea or Kate when they are being annoying. She reminds me of a person that might just want to say “you are too loud, and too annoying and whiney, let me help distract you from yourself” BUMP! Which always is met with the same response “NANDEEEEEEEEE, Mom, Nandi just smashed into me. NO THANK YOU NANDI!” She looks back and keeps on walking.

My theory is, there was no better preparation to adapt with change than becoming a parent AND working for Sun Microsystems for a decade. If it my life wasn’t changing in at home, it was at work. So, hey…. as I love to say it is what it is so just move on…

So, my change of heart and the ensuing conversation with Shad went something like this… I think that Nandi is at the age where a dog friend might be okay. It might keep her young and we may benefit the other way and she may train a new friend. After searching for a while, and helping my sister Kate find a puppy, a puppy entered my mind. It never left. When I asked Shad I could see that he was totally open to the idea and relishes in the idea of a new running mate down the road. All that brings us to today – my final conversation and acceptance with WOOFFUN. Our two page application, a conversation with our current vet, calling of both of our references, an hour long home visit – wow. They are thorough. The whole family, including Nandi, needs to go to the puppy meeting tomorrow. I’m so excited but do wish I could meet the two dogs that I’m interested in… Shirl at WOOFFUN has told me that both of them are so great that either one will be wonderful. I’ll have to take her word for it.

We’re excited, the kids, especially Shea, are cleaning up because I told them that whatever was left on the floor will likely get chewed up. Shea has gotten a little crazy cleaning up and suggesting the things the puppy might want to eat. Tonight it was a sock, a windbreaker jacket because it had ladybugs on it, Reilly’s backpack, Kate’s boots and a pair of shoes she doesn’t like so she volunteered them for the puppy to eat.

I’m sure I’ll be online tomorrow to share again – perhaps with a photograph. Imagine that.

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