Project Runway

You know… it’s all about fashion. Reilly’s quest to be a Power Ranger and dress in single colors and my occasional insertion to have his attire be something that I coordinated and picked out. We have resorted to choosing our clothes the night before just to be more efficient in the morning since this is NOT a simple process. Well, this morning when I finally got Reilly to get out of bed he fixated on his SpiderMan socks – the socks that he got for his birthday last month which he has not yet worn. So.. he’s upstairs weeping b/c there are tags attached. He later requests that I remove the tag. No problem I say, bring them down when you’re ready. About 15 minutes later he shows up NAKED with the socks in his hands. Who the heck knows what he was doing all this time but this has eliminated the possibility for a sit down breakfast. It’s another meal in the car…

Over the next 20 minutes we finally got dressed and got our shoes on. As usual we were 5 minutes late for school and he arrived with breakfast in his hands. On the way I asked “Reilly what can I do to make mornings more fun or make them better for everyone?” His reply, “Oh Mom…. I just don’t know.”


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