Flying on Christmas

Flying out Christmas Day… both good and bad. I gave Reilly Candy Canes to hand out to everyone who had to work – he was quite generous with them until it came time to give his… who could blame him. He’s waited for weeks to consume the one box of candy canes we bought to decorate the tree. The day was finally here.

We flew USAir to Philly, and United to SFO. The first flight was fine, although Kate was a little restless. The second flight, well, that’s where the story begins. At the end of the flight the flight attendant told us where the connections were, she said “San Francisco Gate C24”. After getting off the plane we checked the monitors for our 5:55 flight, and we went to the check-in counter to see if we could move our seats b/c we had been assigned an exit row, which is illegal with the kids. The woman at the counter was a bit terse as she looked up our seats and exclaimed “It’s not an exit row, you’re fine.” I said that it says Exit on my ticket. She said she didn’t know why but she checked and we were all set. Accepting that information we went to find a vacant gate to let the kids run around for the next 40 minutes until we needed to board.

At boarding time, we waited for just about everyone to go since we had a row and a seat. We boarded the plane, at about 5:45 and headed down the jetway. The woman yelled down after us “Ma’am, Ma’am please come back here” I returned with Reilly and she said, “this isn’t your flight you need to get over to the United terminal, your flight is at the exact same time over there” I said “WHERE?????” She said, I don’t know but the D terminal, I asked her to call and please let them know we were on our way. I put Reilly in the stroller and I began to sprint, Shad and Kate followed a ways behind b/c he was holding the car seat as well.


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