2 versus 3

These past few weeks have been a big test for us. Reilly has adopted a new personality that involves crying and sobbing at many corners. We attribute it to being back in school, our best friends moving out of state, darkness coming at 6:30, the impending third child among other things. Kate has been having her challenges too – if Shad even looks at her the wrong way she screams and comes running to me. (much like I did with my Dad) If I’m around she’s attached to me – and wants to do everything with me. (which I am loving) Nonetheless, we are being tested in ways we have not been tested to date. It’s been challenging as of late.

At dinner the other night they both hated what we having. Reilly was sobbing uncontrollably about it (we are working hard on the diet and the mealtime in our house) and Kate was just sitting quietly observing. Reilly walked by her chair and she leaned over and hugged him… patted him on the back and said “you okay Rye?” Shad and I just watched for the ensuing 2 minutes where they just embraced. It was the cutest thing and it made us truly appreciate our family and that we have two kids that are learning to love one another.

Kate was so perceptive to know that Reilly was sad. Reilly was so happy to have someone to give a hug to that wasn’t Shad or me.

We’re excited for number three to arrive, yet still nervous at the same time.


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