Tolka Two

Kate called Shea Tolka… as in Polka… because everything was polka dots from blankets to hats to pajamas to the acne on her face as an infant. Now, however, I have learned it is Kate’s tell sign when she is sick. This is the second time in six weeks I have looked at her and known by the red spots on her face that she has strep throat. I don’t know WHAT it is with this infection but…. we are barely into the winter season and Kate is on her second round and Reilly, if he ends up getting it, will be on his third. I think in the calendar year Reilly has had it seven or eight times. How can that be? I do not like giving the kids antibiotics all the time, and at the rate we are going, they are going to have issues their whole life with antibiotics. We have been unable (since this all began again) to have a window of time that we can all be tested to see which person is carrying the infection. Hopefully in a month or so we can try to nip this one in the bud.


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