What Makes You Happy?

If you’re Shea:
-Raising your hands up when we sing together
-Signing Please
-Asking for “more” sounds like Mo.. Mo… Moh
-Rockin out to any music
-Baby ballet with Kaya
-Seeing her pink penguin when it’s time to go to sleep
-Being held (even when Mom sneaks in for a little squeeze in the middle of the night)
-Sharing toys
-Pushing her walking toy
-Any stuffed animal
-Fresh fruit
-Getting to sit with the big kids at the dinner table

If You Are Kate:
-Making her own ponytail
-The thought of warm weather
-Writing her letters
-All her purses and hair trinkets
-Playing hairdresser
-Doing her own thing
-Teasing Reilly
-Singing to HSM 3 and talking imitating RocketMan
-Mamma Mia
-Wearing dresses (sundresses in winter)
-Going to ballet class
-Telling stories
-Reading by herself in her bed while Reilly and Shea are sleeping
-Discussions about her birthday party

If you are Reilly:
-Riding his bike
-Building his fort and playing in the stream
-Hanging out with his Dad
-Accessorizing for any kind of outdoor activity (but not necessarily doing it)
-His BFF, Owen
-Reading at school
-Three girls at school: Caitlin, Julia and Madison
-The thought of gum at 10
-Attempting to organize his stuff
-Lego Star Wars on the Wii
-Playmobil catalogs
-Celtics, Bruins, Sharks and Patriots
-Walking the dog (in the house, on the leash)

The kids are in a good space these days. They are growing so fast and finding all these great things to do. Watching them grow and evolve is just the best thing! It’s so great to have the gaps in age that we have because you can see how quickly it all changes. Literally right before your eyes. I feel so thankful for our family and I adore so much…


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