6 is confidence
6 is confidence

Reilly is in a new place these days. Actually that’s kind of a dumb statement given everyday is new. He can’t seem to speak without whining or talking like a baby. I wonder if he senses that he’s growing up too fast. He is so independent, can do so much for himself, growing like a weed, he is on top of the world at school… sometimes I wonder if it’s all too much at once. My sense is he feels so safe with us he just lets it all hang out when he’s around us and is the CHILD he feels like being. Unfortunately it often gets on my last nerve and I snap at him. It’s got to be so confusing sometimes to be a kid… then again it is as an adult too.


One thought on “6

  1. Just checking in on your blog from time to time. Love the stories. Love the photos. Wish you were at hockey so I could hear more about the funny things your kids say.
    Happy Mother’s Day!!! ~Amy

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