Leprechaun Trapping

First grade means you build a leprechaun trap on your own, not with your classmates. Shea was over the moon with this assignment — that is until anyone wanted to help.
Supposedly a family project with very specific instructions was not enough for Shea to appreciate anyone’s idea or conversation if it was not her own. I crack up that she is so emphatic about what she wants. I roll my eyes at the tears we get when she doesn’t get what she wants.
Shea thought about this project the whole time until she brought it in. It consumed her and I can only hope that she continues on this path to get her work done… Oh and maybe that this doesn’t impact her experience moving ahead.
So after some Pinterest browsing with me and some architectural presentations with a shoebox from Reilly she had made up her mind, she was talking to Dad. She decided on a giant cinnamon container and some duck tape to be her main elements. We actually started the taping process with yellow until the uninvited Mom (me) came time to give her opinion. Okay… So maybe that’s overkill I wasn’t totally uninvited but… Anyway. She builds her great little trap and follows all instructions (except starting with a yellow trap vs the specified green).
She took about 4 hours making and exclaiming from the trap on the owning to the ladder on the side. She took this work very seriously. Once completed she put it on the counter for all to see…. And… And then I heard the sobbing and eventual tears. Kate had decided to investigate on her own. She shoved in the trap door and could not get it back in to place. Uh-oh.



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