You Suck

Dear Mr Tick:

First off, let me begin by saying “you suck, yes, on so many levels, you suck!” Since when was I to be part of your food chain? What happened to all the furry creatures that live in the woods, why did you choose me? I do hope that since your latch on me you have moved on to find your death.

I’m uncertain if your bite last November has caused my symptoms of today or it was a more recent incident that I was not even aware of. I guess I will never know, but back to my first point “you suck”. The nice thing is, it’s an explanation for the fatigue I have been feeling, the headaches, the eye pain, possibly the weeks of heart palpitations that I had attributed to stress, and a lot of other things that had no explanation.

Another result of your need to suck I am forced to cease my feeding of Shea. Although she was weaning, we were still hanging on to that time together and now I can’t do it the same way. For that, you suck too. Lastly, the antibiotics make me feel crappy… you just suck and that is a nasty disease that you carry and transmit. Thank you so much for choosing me but I really hope that you have since been stepped on or consumed by the next up in your food chain, perhaps a nice chicken has eaten you!




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