7 Years Ago…

Seven years ago this morning I was giving birth to our first child, Reilly. It was the most amazing day of our lives (on so many levels) and it has been a blast ever since. Reilly is at soccer camp this week and will be getting on the bus for the first time in two weeks. He just moved into his own bedroom on Sunday and he is becoming more and more independent each day. It makes me realize how quickly the dependent phase is slipping through my fingers. It makes me realize how much I want Reilly to continue holding my hand, telling me everything he has to say (because he doesn’t engage that way with his buddies yet), reading him books, making his bed, hugging him, holding him and so much more. I’m thankful, right now, that when I drop him off at soccer camp in the morning he still wants a kiss from me. He is really my “little man” and I can’t help but adore him on every level.
Talk about the second best thing to ever happen in my life (note: Shad was the first).


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