It’s Official

I signed my offer letter. The last several months have been the best and in ways the hardest in a long time. Having my job impacted by the acquisition of Sun by Oracle was both a blessing and a curse. I had an awesome job at Sun but it was a job and not a career. It did provide me with some of the most important things I could have had over the last 10 years: flexibility (to move back to NH and become a work from home employee), balance (I was able to have our three healthy children while I worked at Sun), Challenge (whether it was change in the economy or the evolution of Java technology and the developer community – my job changed every year. not my program, but my job), Experience (I was fortunate to have worked with and incredible group of bright people that I drew strength and knowledge from and some of which will be lifelong friends), and Fun (all in all, Sun was so fun!).

I signed my offer letter with Ciena the other day. I have a new full-time job and I’m excited about it. I have to say, in my career assessment I learned so much more about Betsy. I thought I was Betsy-brand conscious before, well, I have an even better understanding of who I am and what I want than I could have imagined. These last few months have been a true journey. I was blessed with contract work from the beginning of this journey permitting me to discover and relax more than if I had the pressure of being unemployed totally. The contract work evolved out of conversations and is still coming my way. It’s strange and interesting all at the same time. It’s shown me skills and passions that I didn’t know I had because they had not been discovered at Sun or I didn’t have the courage to exploit them. Well, it’s different now, and I can feel it. Hey Mary, thank you for your encouragement in that space, you have been my light and my kick in the pants when I needed it.

As a Mom, a woman, and someone who constantly thinks about balance and contributions I’m making (or not making enough of) in this world. I feel good about the time, the teaching, the learning, the income, the investment I have made in myself and my family over the last six months. It’s been nothing short of life changing and on the eve of my 41st birthday I wanted to make sure I took the time to just breathe and reflect on what a wonderful journey the last year, especially the last six months have been. I am a blessed person and I’ve been reminded and humbled by that. Thank you to my friends and family who have also been so supportive, those of you who have stayed involved – whether just touching base, having lunch, giving me input, or being a phone call away, I can’t thank you enough – you have been awesome. This your virtual hug!

And Shad… ily ily ily ily forever.


One thought on “It’s Official


    I can’t believe I got a shout out. I’m honored and humbled.

    You are my light and my kick in the pants.


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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