Happy Tappers Santa

this is a continuation or a Part 2 of Hallmark Moment – Really – I’d recommend reading the other entry first

Yes, that’s his formal name. Happy Tappers Santa. Shea is in heaven. We went to the Hallmark store the following day. Shea had on her pink corduroy jumper and her hightop sparkley pink sneakers, pig tails and a huge smile. When she met Pam, our Hallmark angel, she smiled and said “Ith ‘dat  Tappin’ Thanta?” (I know I couldn’t resist… but if you could hear her most adorable lisp, you would have typed it too!) Pam said “yes, it is, and I brought him for you”. He was wrapped in gold tissue paper all nice and snug waiting for Shea. Shea handed Pam the Nelson’s Candy Cane and took her new Happy Tapper. I wanted nothing more than to grab it from her to protect it from the ground. (NO, I didn’t grab it… I did, however, cringe when she almost walked smack into the doorframe on the way out.) Pam accepted her candy cane and they exchanged thank you’s.

Shea proceeded to tell her HOW to eat the candy cane. IF I recall it went something like this:

you lick it

and you lick it

and you lick it

and then you suck it

Pam replied with an “ohhhhhh, thank you”.

And away we went. As soon as we were in the car Shea asked if she could bring it to school. Ahhhhh…. not so much. Shea did push the button and danced in her car seat over and over until we arrived at school. She has been dancing around the house with the Happy Tapper once again.

Thank you Pam and Merry Christmas.


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