What’s Grosser than Gross?

Remember those jokes???

I’ll tell you this, and unfortunately it’s not one of those jokes. I went to hockey tonight and forgot my helmet. You CAN’T forget your helmet (or your skates for that matter). It’s not one of the things people have two of in their bag. Well, Ryan the ref, gotta love him, hunted high and low for me and finally came out with this rusted cage and old white helmet. It was nasty and it was too big… but… I really wanted to play. I put a ponytail on top of my head to make it seem tighter and my teammates helped me snap it closed; then…. I smelled it. Ugh. The chin cup, the straps, the helmet itself, I don’t even know but I pretty much had to breathe with only my mouth. I nicknamed it the MRSA helmet. So gross.

After we finished I even walked on the tile floor with my skates to wash my face and hairline and neck for that matter with soap and hot water THEN I took the hand sanitizer and retraced all my scrubbing. My face burned so bad from it but I didn’t care.

That’s what is grosser than gross. So, hey, man of the 90’s with the big head who left your helmet in the bowels of the rink years ago, thank you! I had fun playing in your sweat and mine.


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