3 years apart

The kids are between two and three years apart, however, as a six year old conceptualizes this difference it’s only by current age.

K:  “Shea and I are only one year apart”

R: “No, you are not.”

K: “Yes, there is only a 5 in between.”

R: “What are you talking about?”

K: “Shea is 4 and I am 6.”

R: “Yahhhhhh”

K: “Well, it’s just 5 in between. 4…. 5….. 6, one year apart.”

R: “Ummmm, no Kate you are totally wrong you are 2 years and 8 months apart.”

K: “No, it’s just 5 in between, we are a year apart, right Shea?”

S: “Right Kate. Reilly you just don’t know. It’s just 5 in between.”



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